Step 1 – Titanium Rohloff Mission

Buy the bike …. found a great frame a GT XIZANG LE from late 90’s early 00’s on eBAY with Rolf Propel Wheels and SID fork for a bargain.

It is currently set up as single speed but the idea is to put a rohloff speedhub on the rear of the bike.
Currently the bike weighs 19lbs but this would rise to 23 24ish once setup.

This will be used for mtb marathon races 50km plus where riding on the Klein makes me feel like I have been punched in the kidneys ….. A LOT.

Author: richdirector

07966 910358

2 thoughts on “Step 1 – Titanium Rohloff Mission”

  1. Hi, do you recall what the gearing was on this singlespeed setup? Tension looks perfect without anything extra. I also have a 16″ Xizang. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sorry missed your comment – the setup was a perfect off road 32:16 on this frame …. wish i had never sold it although geometry only for a 80mm fork at most if I remember correctly.

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