3 arm spiders are not just on mars

Bike shop phoned to say 3 arm Middleburn crank on Xizang meant that I cant change chainring to 38tooth front (not produced anymore) …. would need new crank (and more $$) So bit the bullet and said don’t change anything – Plan now is to leave the 32tooth front and 16t rear …. will use this to run the hub on the bike in (1000 miles?) Then when money allows upgrade crank to 4 arm spider and new BB.

Worked out table for 32/16 ratio and should be fine for most of my riding.

Author: richdirector

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2 thoughts on “3 arm spiders are not just on mars”

  1. Richard – came here through singletrackworld – lovely bike. Couple of questions and a suggestion:Did you have to do anything to fit the roholff to the frame?Where did you get the storika saddle from, and how much (if you don’t mind me asking!)?Suggestion – regarding the middleburn Uno chainrings – Boone titanium in the USA do middleburn spline fitting chainrings in titanium, with amazing detailing, in whatever tooth number you want, and 3/32 or 1/8″ size, whichever you need. Look on the http://www.mtbr.com singlesspeed forum for pics, and go to www.http://www.boonerings.com/cr/cr.html for details and ordering (you have to order in the spined outer ring – special order box and describe EXACTLY what you want, or email/phone them). Should last 2-3 times as long as an UNO ring, be available in whatever size you need, and look cool to boot!Ian

  2. Hi, dont know if you realised but that ‘3 arm spider’ is infact the inside ring/spider (intergrated to save weight!) of a middleburn duo, if you want a different size chainring you can just fit a new spider (4 or 5 arm) and the ring of your choice. If the bike shop failed to tell you this go somewhere else, they are obviously useless or moneygrabbers!

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