Wishlist no 1 Surly Big Dummy Rohloff Family

Pic lifted from clevercycles and doctored with kiddie seat. And space for one more behind.


Now wouldn’t this be great ….. ?

A Surly Big Dummy (more here) with strong wheels and all the xtracycle bits. Now that Ruby is starting nursery I could drop her off and still have space for the baby ….. And a family trip by bike with all the goodies could be on the cards ….. now mate that with that spare Rohloff Hub and then we are talking.

Selkirk 100 photo

A photo from the Selkirk race. Think I look quite happy considering I had probably flown over the bars at least 12 times so far.

The old Sid Forks (10 years) are now commemorated by the new SID anniversary model. Mine might be seizing but only weigh 2+ lbs – any weight weenie want to buy them?