Bike about to be changed

I am away filming for a week so thought its time to get the bike into the shop to:

1) replace flat narrow XC bar (which came with the singlespeed Xizang) for a Easton EC90 riser.

2) Change all cables for brakes and gears as all were damaged by the numerous crashes and upside down antics of that Selkirk race.

3) Try change the ratio to a 38:16 without losing that magic chainline length – no need for a tensioner at the moment.

endorfin Speed-R SL
21.5 lbs endurance racing dream. £2999 (4 days work – Mmmmmm)

But will it look like this? Probably one of the most bling Rohloff hardtails I have seen – Now that geometry (or my Klein Attitude) replicated in TI would be pretty magical.

with vignette added

1. Create a new layer on top. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N
2. Fill the layer with white. Shift + Backspace
3. Set the blend mode to “Multiply”. Alt + Shift + M
4. Apply the vignette filter to the new layer.
Filter >> Distort >> Lens Correction…
Slide “Amount” left and “Midpoint” sliders in the “Vignette” section.
Press “OK”, and its done.

Lovely Shots

Mr Nick Reeks
Sound man beyond par has just returned from shoot on Baffin Island …. he said pooing through an ice hole at -25 degrees C was not his best experience ….. still he shot on slide and then had it cross processed. Lovely photos so trying to blag a few shots for my walls ….

Shooting on Provia 100 (no exposure adjustment) and processed C41. Quite a bit of grain – was always told to overexpose .5 to 1 stop ……. will experiment myself.

first dev and contact

Sent film in to snappy snaps – realised film loaded wrong as first frame cut off. Auto dev machine has only got mask for 6×9 so cutoff at the sides … need to hurry and get the epson scanner organised.

But we might be moving house so need to delay purchase for a while otherwise just another thing to pack and move.

New Lens and Horseman Bar

Just bought a new lens (manual) for my Nikon D200 – needed to replace the Nikon 85 1.8 pice of cr*p plastic lens that fell on a carpeted floor from 2 foot and now all the aperture blades rest in a heap inside the lens. Meant to send it off for repair but have a feeling it will be more costly than replacing.

Voigtlander Nokton 58mm 1.4 in ais mount. Lots of good reviews and images I have seen seem pretty impressive …. love shooting wide open so hopefully a pleasant addition to the kit.

Also took the time to order some 120 film (neopan 400) and a crash bar for the Horseman.