Camera Schamera

Suffering from CAS (Camera Acquisition Syndrome) and upgradeitiss – I have had my fair collection of cameras in the last 20 years.
Yashica 35TL Electro Fixed 35mm 2.8

Minolta 5000 Standard 35-70, Vivitar 70-210, 50mm 1.7

Minolta 9000 – Minolta’s Pro camera (the first AF pro camera I believe)

Canon T90 x 2 bodies 28mm, 50mm 
College years – sold in South Africa to pay for airticket back

Nikon f90x 24mm, 50mm, Sigma 400mm 5.6 

Nikon FM2 Bought as a second body

Contax G1 28mm, 45mm, 90mm First rangefinder proper

Hasselblad Xpan 45mm, 90mm First panoramic camera

Mamiya 7II 55mm 80mm First MF rangefinder – sold as felt too plasticky

Leica R4s 50mm f2 eBay rashness sold no loss

Leica M6 titanium 
Bought pre-ASPH Summilux 35mm 1.4 Summilux 50mm 
Sold Summilux lenses bought 50mm f2 summicron and Zeiss 35mm f2 Wanted 
sharper lenses

Leica M4P 

Nikon F5 Nikon 17-35mm 2.8, 85mm 1.8, 180mm 2.8

Nikon F3HP eBay at low price sold for profit

Current Cameras

Nikon D200 digital 
17-35mm 2.8 ED AF, 58mm 1.4 Voigtlander Nokton, Nikon 180mm 2.8AF

Nikonos II underwater 35mm camera
Nikonos 28mm, 35mm lenses

Horseman SW612 MF panoramic
55mm Rodenstock lens

Voigtlander Bessa R 35mm rangefinder
Voiglander 21mm f4 Skopar

Succumbed to the need.Splashed out and b…

Succumbed to the need.

Splashed out and bought a black Bessa R and 21mm Skopar lens off eBay. 

It seems so cheap compared to the expense of my old Leica …. I know I can’t or at least shouldn’t compare the two brands but it is hard not to. The voigtlander viewfinder seems to be as bright as my old M6 titanium. There has been forum mention of skew framelines (on the Voigt) but not something I can report on just yet.
The wind on the Leica seemed slightly smoother but it’s been over a year so my imagination may have made it even better than it actually was. On the plus side – and this is a real plus in my books … I was always a bit nervous taking the leica out …. thought it would be an obvious target for thieves. And if you don’t have your camera out you don’t take shots. Camera is currently stuffed in my bag next to me and if the dust of Iraq is no problem then brilliant … will post some pics on developing.

Klein working well as a single speed wit…

Klein working well as a single speed with dual use.

City riding on schwalbe slicks with Rolf Propel wheelset. Chainring set to 32:14
Off road tubeless setup with Rolf Propel tube
less rear and Mavic XM819 on Hope ProIII. Bike really good on singletrack and technical trails with FIXED Pace RC31 front fork – I hadn’t expected it to be but carbon fork absorbs a lot of the shock then I think tubeless tyres and bike’s stupid low weight (around 19lbs maybe without mudguard) do the rest.