A SURLY big dummy geared up for kids – c…

A SURLY big dummy geared up for kids – check out the blog on the right for more info. Or click the Yuba tag on the right to see our set up – two kids and an electric motor …….

He aint heavy he’s my ….

Well actually he is heavy. Finally popped past Alpine Bikes the other day – to pick up some lights for a friend’s bike and took the opportunity to weigh the GT Rohloff.

Well actually was in the shop when one of the guys there said “wow nice build” – so appealing to my vanity – I said I thought it was a smidge over 24lbs. He picked it up and said “Nah more like 26-27”
Then he went a weighed it. 26.5lbs

Almost gutted.

I had just picked up the bike the other day from Carl at Bikelove (the best bike and customer service) after he changed my front chainring to a 36 tooth. Now due to the fact that the rear dropoff (for deralliuer) was snapped off he had to retrofit a downhill chainring tensioner. At the same time he changed cranks to XTR and replaced old BB. The result is the quietest bike I have ever ridden.
Sweet despite the weight issue ….