That barra trip

“the great unwashed”

Barra wind wasn’t great until the sacrificial lamb left the island (in order for wind to return) Unfortunately that was me ….. So i only had one light wind session on Twin tip (actually over the high tide runway) and then an afternoon light wind session on the surfboard.The othes got two days at the end 25knots and sunny.

campsite with tents and boards everywhere

Still nice camping with the midges and rain.

ALSO NO KITING within 3 miles of airport while it is open – well that’s what the jumped up nazi airport official with high belt, village people moustache told us as he marched/stomped all militant down the beach.


“Local laws regarding flying” – err it’s a watersport dufus – no arguing with the idiot as he wasn’t the reasonable type.


eoligarry beach where the boys had a blast

We have no such problems in Stornoway, Prestwick, Macrahanish – just seems the Barra airport people are a bit jumped up. We wont be going back ever so that’s 6 people not returning on trips spending locally.

Back to Tiree where we are welcome.

leaving Barra – nice flight

I’m getting old

When you start to give yourself practical presents ….. suggested this to the lovely lady as a possible present to which she replied don’t be silly just buy it.

But it’s all I want really. I bought new toys during the year …. two new kites for kitesurfing, new ti bike, a merc estate, new HD camera (for business this one), 6×12 panoramic camera, rangefinder camera, custom made wetsuit ….. had 3 holidays …..