Ride Report: Carron Valley

A ride early in the morning following  a Burns Night celebration the night before was either a very brave or very stupid idea …. perhaps brave and stupid. Burns himself wrote “Cock up your Beaver” which has nothing to do with this at all.

Carron Valley was close to home and an interesting red route figure of eight. We’ll do it 2 or 3 times we though.
7am …. Mmmm 5 hours sleep brilliant. Load up
 car and off I go.
8.20am Using my google maps on the blackberry – the route chosen goes up this windy road over the hill direct to the ride location … but it’s under snow.
8.23 Traction Control light (good old Mercs) starts to behave like it’s in a disco – all a flashing … party on.
8.34 wheels stop moving … ie no traction
8.36 Reverse down hill until I can turn around.
9.00 Boys waiting
9.15 I arrive …. “Sorry”
Snow – About 4 inches deep in the car park at the bottom … 2 degrees. Kit on  – on bike off we go. Nice ride and only one set of tracks in front of us … Up and up we climb. Every mound is either covered mound of grass or its a rock. 

9.36 hello snowman

9.38 snowball in the back of my helmet.
At the top do the obvious wee your name in the snow …. remind myself of that Frank Zappa song ….side 1 track 1 –  and promise to drink more … water. Downhill is a bit of a slide fest and although our speed is so slow it’s probably quite a nice ride and I have promised to return.
Run near the bottom has nice camel jumps and swooping sections but difficult to even lift a wheel in these conditions. Clear would be really fast and fun.
Get to the bottom and about 15 riders have already started which means tracks are going to be crap ….. so 10km in an hour … not impressive. Can’t wait