new Garmin 405 and using trailrunner software on MAC

Got a Garmin 405 to replace older forerunner 205 gps and polar 625x Heart Rate monitor.

ALSO check out Trailrunner
Nice thing is being able to view training info on mac …. polar is crap on macs unless running windows or alt software. Still evaluating it but will buy it for sure I think – excellent freeware – CHECK IT OUT.

About TrailRunner
To boldly go where you haven’t been gone before
Although the TrailRunner is perfectly suitable for runners, bikers, inline-skaters and hikers, let’s focus on how this piece of software could totally change a runners habits.

Motivations for running
There might be several motivations you start running. Just to get fresh air several times a week, to loose weight or to exercise as a semi professional for races and honor. Either motivation needs goals you define in a training plan and methods to check up your progress, like measuring your burned calories and weight loss, your improved heart-rate, your speed and ranking in a competition or just being able to master a marathon in a given time.

To achive this, most people have like three standard routes they run over and over. Depending on your ambitions they might have distances like 10 kilometers, 13 and 20. It seems like the only goal you have is to accomplish your “training duty” — and the hardest part of it is to stand up, put your shoes on and just leave the house. But then what is the motivation all about? For that reason many people like to make appointments with workout-partners, run in groups or feel happy to watch (mostly pointless) statistics. But what, if you have the genes of an explorer and adventurer? Then your dream might be to spontaneously run say 16 kilometers in a well known and hand-picked collection of endless routes you could choose from.

This is where the TrailRunner could meet you and your motivation, with the potential to totally change your habits with one simple addition: You look forward to run the route you have affectionately crafted for this sunday morning: Imagine you take your car, drive into the woods, run through the small valley with the dabbling stream, head up the hill, enjoy the brilliant view, speed down your favorite single trail, cross the big water meadow and return to the parking place. This all with one important background: Your training plan decided on you that you have to run 16 kilometers today. And you did.

Exploring new routes
So how will one get to the point where choosing a route is like to click your fingers? It starts with the three standard routes you already know. As soon as you have inserted them in into the TrailRunner you will start exploring: While you’re running, you notice this small very nice looking alleyway on the right, that you where always wondering about where this might lead to. You just add it to your TrailRunner map and next time you insert this piece of track into your route. That must not add any kilometers, as you could choose a shortcut somewhere else instead. After a while you will notice that you start adding more and more loops and long ways round that will give you an endless choice of nice alternatives.

Standard routes with tentacle-like alternatives means that extending and expanding an existing route is very easy. You just take an old route and tell the TrailRunner to adjust this route to a variation that is almost the same but 2 kilometers longer. The finer your weaved web of tracks is the better this will work.

Rohloff just serviced

Just had rohloff serviced …. there has been a drag recently which I thought might mean it needed an oil change …. but it seems that it might be seals dragging. Maybe they need replacing. Bike shop phoning distributor to see if that is the problem.