Garmin 405 update

Been using the 405 for a while now combination of running and MTB’ing and here are some thoughts.

If you are used to Garmin wrist GPS then this is an easy transition. I had the foretrex 201 (broke kitesurfing) and then a forerunner 205. I also used to use my Polar HRM then it seemed silly that I didn’t have one that did it all.

For kitesurfing and for strange woods the map function (breadcrumb type trails of the 201 and 205 were great) They let me find a 10m gap in a reef to avoid losing fins, let me take a shortcut to get back onto main track when I shagged my wheel and let me find my car once in a weird spooky wood where my internal compass went haywire.

Other than that this is better. Using it only as a HRM it doesn’t quite match something like the Polar where measurement is much more accurate and it measures virtual VO2 MAX thresholds and the like. Going to the gym and then trying to see data afterwards is nigh on impossible in the trailrunner software I am using as you cant import it without gps data.

(the trick around this is to start gps – do a quick 2sec record outside gym – press pause then go in and exercise – you can manually change distances later but it gives you decent HRM recording on screen)

Out on the trail running or biking you can set up different screens to show data you want – you can set 405 to autoscroll through the data if you want or lock it on one screen. The autostop feature I don’t use as I use autolap (every 1km) and when I stop I stop …… the first time I pressed stop and then after stretching I walked back few hundred metres to warm down and HRM started recording again …. threw my min/km pace reading way out.

Afterwards you can review data through History on watch or after download on program this is cool although calories burnt is a bit of an ignore feature as based on distance completely ignoring HRM data and personal stats (unlike Polar which is more accurate based on exertion)


quite comfortable – I found the 201 and 205 a wee bit more comfortable but after 500m I forgot it was on my wrist.

The Strap is good – as unnoticeable as the Polar strap. (EDITED 5/8/9 No where near as comfortable – I have to use sweatbands know to cushion the hard plastic as very sweaty in hot climes)


Lock the bezel if going in the shower as the light (which comes on when you press two fingers on the bezel) goes mad in the shower switching on and off ……. unless you want a disco in which case keep it unlocked.

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