horrible ride

Looking up Lock Muick – it always look tranquil. I haven’t been up here in years – but was here on Sunday with 4 others for a “nice 25kmish loop”
Wish I had stayed in bed …. (well maybe)

Straight out of the car park then up the first fire road? path. 10-15% slope and limited traction so a real lungbuster. My head was pounding away but more likely the beers the night before and an early start.
The first descent …. what’s the word stupid. 1 in 5 hill muddy, rocky no traction …. I hated it – my arms were cramping from braking even with a disc in the front. At the bottom they say “there is no ride out of the valley so we will have to porter the bikes out”

A ride / walk to the end of the valley – stones that even the full suspension bikes couldn’t get over on the flat. The larger wheel at the front helped me roll a bit better than the others but still hard work. At the end it was a walk across the bridge then steps up 300m (ascent) to the top of the ridge.
The descent back down to loch muick I had been on before when I cycled up Broad Cairn. Then it was a freshly made path, silky smooth with drainage ditches every 40m so it was brilliant. Brake hard, bunnyhop, brake hard, bunnyhop x30.
Now the path is heavily eroded full of boulders so it is more the case of braking the whole way down trying to avoid the sharp rocks. John didn’t and tore through the side of his UST tyre – luckily he had a tube on him so he could soldier on.

The bottom and the the loch was a blessing – blasted home on the easy fireroad around the lock back to the car park ….. dare I say it the nicest part of the ride. Maybe I am too soft.