New Racing Ralph’s on the bike following my torn sidewall and bent valve …. sounds bad but then it may be because I am to blame:

Stopped to add air to rear tyre
Pushed handpump tyre on hard and THAT bent the valve.
So valve broken and pissing air (a technical term) I resorted to pumping up madly and then riding sections back – stopping whenever the back went really squirly ……
Think I rode it too flat and torn sidewall only appeared then.

So Racing Ralph on and new valve and I headed down the road (only a 5 mile cycle from here) to ride around Cathkin Braes where the 2014 commonwealth mtb course will be set. Not bad geographical venue although it’s going to be quite a build to get a top XC course in there – but brilliant for heritage and will be the closest course to Glasgow …..

Think there is more to explore but was a tad tired from the 5-a-side the night before so quite an easy one as also was trying to navigate and find a possible cracking loop. Appently the Glasgow MTB Club do a turn down there so must find out what they do.

only the 2nd UST tyre destroyed in 5 years.

new tyre on tonight.

Tired time for bed bust just put a racing ralph Schwalbe UST tyre on the carver after busting a valve and tearing a sidewall on the Michelin UST tyre that was on while cycling Carron Valley on Wednesday.

bent valve
Ride tomorrow should sort it out.