Machrihanish Update – that last kite in the waves

Good swell running but the wind was a bit patchy. Had a 20 min good spell with the surfboard but wind was gusty 10- 20knots so swapped for the TT as it is more controllable. Then heading out wind died and kite dropped out of sky … big set rolled in and I stupidly didn’t ditch the kite – the QR was on the chicken loop and not one of the lines …. Decided to try hold kite.

It was a costly mistake as I tried to hold on to the TT as well … the tide was ripping out and I thought it would be washed out to sea. So then disaster ended up 5 min later crawling out of surf with a cracked/bruised rib where the edge of the TT had slammed into my ribs and a torn 12m kite. Bladder popped and tears in leading edge and 3 panels …..

A £60 repair bill is the end of that little day – but still worth it for that earlier session on the waves.