Lazy Days and Bike Seats for the Yuba Mundo

Sitting drinking whisky (Highland Park 18yo if you must) and ordering photographic books on Aperture for xmas presents. Haven’t done any exercise this last week or so – but off to the Middle East on Sunday and will be exercising everyday for 3 weeks so not feeling too floppy/slobby.

Bike seats for the Yuba Mundo are finally in stock so ordered one to put behind the toddler seat I knocked up for my eldest.

Looks pretty good and apparently the clamp is good.

Link here and here


Bike seat from Polisport very good – although the 3 year old is jealous of the stoker seat I made (the big girl seat)

Ready to Go

B&H is big

New York New York is my kinda town although trip to B&H on sunday to buy some stuff was a lesson in uber-mobbed. Like an Ikea store opening or Selfridges sale …. Seemed like 500 tourists in a desperation to buy shi* cheapo cameras.
Still I had ripped out some pages and knew what I was after …. Rode mic for the HD video kit, boom pole, utility organiser for the peli case and a smaller wheeled peli 1510 case to use for Iraq trips and for carry on luggage. This should be good as the 17inch macbook just fits across the top (addition * for the one person who came across the blog it fits well either across the top of the padded dividers with a padded lid or if using the organiser lid it might be worthwhile adding a bit of clothing to pad the top out).

Catching 3 flights in a row is always a pain and you feel the weight of the laptop after 12 hours.
Was in a buying mood yet resisted the urge to buy either a nikon 80-200 2.8 or a voigtlander 50mm 1.5 for the bessa.
Had the nikon digital with me and took some pics to make stitched pano’s – look forward to seeing how those pan (excuse the pun) out……