Strange day


Post drinking day on the water – forecast was for 25-35mph. I packed the car with only the 7m as I have really gone off big kites …. just not the kiting I like anymore.

Wind wasnt quite strong enough – I normally sail in winds were I have to use the depower …. but today was a bit underpowered. Still good 2 hours on the water …..

Had hood and gloves but barefoot still – although think booties might have to make an appearance soon.

new board maybe

pondering this ….

Spence Surfboards – 7’7 Displacement Hull.


A full on smoothie with 6 gears!! fast, smooth and very rewarding board. Loves long waves but at home in beach breaks and peaky sandbar conditions. Comes alive on clean longer days. Almost no tail rocker for forward trim and s-deck in true smoothie style.

Comes in clear gloss and polish with Clear True Ames 8’5″ L-Flex Fin.

Dimensions: 7’7 x 23 x 3’1/16

77 displacement

New Surfboard on the wishlist

Spence Surfboards 88 Displacement Hull.

Very bladey rails with deep displacement hull. Very Fast board for those looking for a longer hull. Paddles really well. Hit the high gears on this serious stretch smoothie….fun in spades fulls

Loads of smoking forward trim in all conditions.

Dims: 8’8 x 23 x 3



88 displacement hull Spence