Carron Valley

First time was snow
Next time ripped out UST valve

3 rd time lucky

Days off with the new job so decided to make the most of the fine autumnal weather and the lack of wind between kitesurf sections to go up to carron valley for a ride. Last time out forestry office were about to shut the top section of the run – that time broke off the UST valve for my rear tyre and ride was cut short. Had to skip out the runway section (a series of groomed berms and jumps)

This time notice in the car park said upper section was closed. So did 2 repeats of inner section before going off to do runway … Couldn’t believe it but runway was also closed for maintenance. So did 3 more repeats of the inner loop then gave it up for the day – 1hr of cycling with 5 repeats becomes a bit boring so lacked motivation to continue. Still nice to get out and stretch the legs.

Might try get down to glentress one fine day this week for a longer ride.