Running app for iPhone (another one) Sportypal

Came across this today Sportypal app for iPhone (and the rest as well) seems to address some of the shortcoming I see with RunKeeper …. but and it’s a big BUT – I haven’t tried it. Just downloaded it and will try it out tomorrow. Also used for cycling snowboarding etc and their website (which it syncs to) has a good 3D view and tech breakdown of your exercise.

Their blurb:

Application description:
SportyPal is a FREE application that helps you improve your running, cycling, rollerblading or any other outdoor workout activities performance by using your iPhone. When you are done with your workout, upload your tracks on the web and share them with your friends. SportyPal logs your position, shows it on map, logs your movement, distance, tempo and calories burned while working out.

You activate SportyPal when you start your workout. When you finish exercising, the collected performance information will be stored on your iPhone. SportyPal will present each exercise in a map view, draw elegant graphics charts of your performance or present summarized information.
SportyPal provides clean and neat design, simplicity of use, satisfactory functionalities and you can embrace its benefits by using both the mobile and the web clients.

iPhone application features:

Standard measurements: stopwatch, distance, speed, average speed, calories.
View your current position and the track during your whole workout
Listen music or perform calls without disturbing your workout.
Upload workouts on the web
Organize different types of workouts

Web application features:

Show the workout on map with details
Track your past activities and view results on graph
Set goals
See your progress day by day
Compare workouts
Add tags and location
View of your best achievements
Community view your friends and everybody elses workouts
Facebook and Twitter integrations share and brag with your results with your friends and followers
Race it to be in the Top 10 users in the community

More to come:
Upload photos from your workout
Flicker integration
Create a tour that is consisted of several workouts and measure your performance.
Integration with heart rate monitor
and much more

Morning Run peachy and 25 degrees

Following on from my new 75% training slow / 25% training fast regime I did a quick burn around the lakes this morning. Quite hot so suffered a bit ….

HR quite high too – not sure if this was the heat or just a lack of running over the last 2 months.

gps for mtb’ing

After a lot of to’ing and fro’ing on the subject of gps for the bike and debating the pro’s and cons between iPhone apps and a dedicated unit like the Garmin Edge series …. I have finally made a decision.

Prompted mainly by the fact that I could get a Garmin Edge 305  incl HRM belt and cadence meter for £129. It’s older has no colour screen and can’t take maps but none of that is important for what I want it for.

PRO’s (the reasons I went for it)

  • Waterproof and tougher than my iPhone
  • Has dedicated HRM (almost no iPhone app has this)
  • Simple clear display
  • Attaches to stem – securely
  • Barometric Altitude (more reliable than the flaky GPS signal I sometimes get)
  • Good Battery Performance

Cons (only the one)

  • Cost more than a 59p app

I know I cant play music – well I never have so I don’t think that is something to worry about.

It’s not fair

Had this email today while sat cooped up in office in the Middle East 500miles from the nearest sea and 1000’s of miles from home ….

‘Dude we’r goin kiting this arvo 20mph sunny at ayr!
Hope ur fine bruski’

followed by this:

‘Pretty powered on 9m and big jumps, I rode hit a rock and wiped out haha a few cuts and scrapes! Wished I had boots as it was cold! Hope all is good..’

Lucky B*stard – rubbing it in like that

Runkeeper iPhone app review

This hugely informative review is based on a one time use (6.7km run into work carrying crappy backpack) so although not in depth it gave me the opinion on whether to use this again or not.

Their site HERE


It’s free.


Screen display – think they are missing a trick

  • they should have a third screen which shows pace (based on 10sec average for accuracy) and average pace (for whole run) and a last lap pace (see note below)
  • An autolap feature that makes a lap according to distance (nominally 1km or 1mile)
  • Elevation display / elevation gained

A lot of their features – like photos enroute I never would use – this is more of a crossover app whereas I want something that is more pure running aid.

I wrote – did feedback on the Runkeeper site and had this response

‘We do show mile/km splits, both on the web and in RunKeeper Pro, both on the splits screen and in audio cues.  A delayed start option is coming in the next app release. Auto stop we can keep in mind for the future.’