Runkeeper iPhone app review

This hugely informative review is based on a one time use (6.7km run into work carrying crappy backpack) so although not in depth it gave me the opinion on whether to use this again or not.

Their site HERE


It’s free.


Screen display – think they are missing a trick

  • they should have a third screen which shows pace (based on 10sec average for accuracy) and average pace (for whole run) and a last lap pace (see note below)
  • An autolap feature that makes a lap according to distance (nominally 1km or 1mile)
  • Elevation display / elevation gained

A lot of their features – like photos enroute I never would use – this is more of a crossover app whereas I want something that is more pure running aid.

I wrote – did feedback on the Runkeeper site and had this response

‘We do show mile/km splits, both on the web and in RunKeeper Pro, both on the splits screen and in audio cues.  A delayed start option is coming in the next app release. Auto stop we can keep in mind for the future.’

Author: richdirector

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