Nearly the end of the week

Knackered after a few days. Verbier has had no snow and today was 15 degrees C so baking. Conditions not great for boarding thinly groomed slopes over sheet ice. Can’t complain as being forced to improve technique and really commit to the rails.

Also tried out the GPSies app for the iPhone as well as the MotionX app.

The GPSies automatically syncs with online site ……

MotionX works differently – afterwards you can email yourself the file which comes as gpx or kml format. The gpx format will go straight into Garmin Calender and KML is the google earth format … very nifty.

little jaunt on old bikes

Nice single-speed day out with Findlay. He is the proud owner of a steel beast and my Klein needed a run out.

Went exploring for trails and although we never really found any (except a boggy field full of cow shit) it was still nice to stretch the legs for a couple of hours.

Felt me legs burning this morning on cycling the girls to school and nursery.

Now I don’t ever confess to be either a…

Now I don’t ever confess to be either a Trek fan or even a Lance fan – yes i read the autobiography and admire what he has been through what he has done – the fact he clocked at the Leadville 100 not to mention the Tours …. but although he is driven I get the inkling he is a sh*t.

Hi Livestrong thing is great however and this bike is fantastic.

Known simply as the Lance District, it features Trek’s new carbon fibre District frame, carbon fiber composite yellow belt drive system and a few flashes of yellow on an otherwise stock frame.

That belt drive, the logo below the neck and other minimal accents are given the signature yellow Livestrong treatment, while the rest of the bike is as black as Nero’s crack smothered with 100% cocoa.  As a concept I loved the Trek District since it first hit the shops.  This masterful one-off custom is precisely the dream machine I’d love to have in my garage for sunny day time commutes in my espadrilles. Sadly, this is just a one-off…