Nice ride

Went out on the Klein for a ride down the river Clyde then looping up to the canals and back east to home

Ride details here

Klein (with knobblies wheelset on) is set up as 32:16 so I run out of speed/cadence at about 23km/h – should have put on the slick wheels as that is 32:14 gearing and I can pedal all day at 27km/h – the route itself is ideal for a cyclocross bike or geared mountain bike (although really a spinning training route as opposed to a proper mtb route) and good for kids.

the ride on endomondo

Carron Valley destroyed my bike again

Well slight exaggeration – but my liking of this course has not improved.

this video is before they carried out work on the trails –

Went down the run and smacked (or more appropriately twatted)  a massive rock and heard it hit the downtube and crunch underneath. Then further down the run the rear started feeling squishy – stopped at the bottom to see sealant pissing out of a small hole …. to make matters worse it was the Racing Ralph UST tyre which just went on and which costs a fortune.

I opened the bag and got out the spare inner tube which I have been carrying for years unused to discover it was a 1.75-1.95 inner tube – oops not great for a 2.3 tyre … still in it went – pumped up the tyre and although a bit loose went for the second lap.

Changes to Carron Valley:

Top section very smooth now – taken away the singletrack wild edge it used to have – the one drop (kelpies staircase) they did have is now very tame. Pipeline however is great – new little prejump sections which get you up higher so yo can land on the downslope …. I lacked the balls, youth, suspension and deathwish to do some of them – but the second run was nicer so i am sure 4 in a row would be great.

A day and a walk up little Ben A’an

A snatch of the 5 year old away from school for the day, an old neighbour who is a sprightly 79 yo – a 54 yo mother-in-law and a 3 year old daughter all walked up the hill.

Riding Glen Tanar and Garmin Edge Review

Started the morning towing my 5 year old around Glen Tanar estate on her tag-a-long doing a quick 10km ride. She loves it and said she was desperate to be on her littlebike riding the trails by herself which is always a good sign.

Went for a 25km ride in the afternoon from a friend’s place in deeside over the hills and dropped into Glen Tanar estate for a quick loop. One of those rides that is mainly all up then al down and the down was mainly very smooth forestry road – not terrible exciting as no singletrack.

Next day did the same route but headed up toward mount Kean (one ofthe few Munroe that is easy to cycle) but had time pressure as I had to be back for a 4th birthday party. Will do the complete ride one day – looks promising and a good 1500m+ of climbing.

Used the new (to me) garmin edge 305 and it is brilliant – everything you would really want from a HRM / cycle computer.

Still playing around with the setup – managed to dislodge it once as i grabbed bike stem while opening farmers gate – it flew off but undamaged.

As for screen options – still playing around with setup – at the moment I have

SCREEN 1 (display 5)
Max Speed / Distance
Time (cycling) / Heart Rate

SCREEN 2 (display 5 again)
Heart Rate
Total Ascent / Cadence
Calories / Time of Day




altimeter graph