Who reads this blog?

Delusional blog-readers over time ....

Thanks to people who read the rambling blog – just discovered the stat button …. blimey there’s a lot of people. Anyone who wants to contribute please get in touch – happy to share the sh*te.


Still hating 5-a-side footie

My ankle is still killing me; the soft tissue damage seems to have lasted longer than I expected.

2 hours later

My foot is now strapped in an elastic ankle strap. I can safely say that at 40 my career in five a side football is now officially over. I think I will stick to this less dangerous sports like kite surfing and mountain biking.

24hrs later and really really hurting - bruise line to sole

Ouch my old age

5-a-side BAD

That just might be my last game – whether it is getting clattered and dislocating my finger or this swollen ankle where I turned quicker than my feet. Right ankle horribly swollen and have just bought elastic bandage as I am flying in an hour and that lower pressure will make it all puff up. Age is crap.