another 10km race

5:15am - sunrise blurry eyes

Flew out of Iraq Thursday on a 11:30am flight – but the day started a bit earlier as there was a 10km race organised that morning. At first I was in two minds as to whether to bother, as I have been hitting the gym well the gym bike for at least an hour a day in preperation for the Kirroughtree 10 hour race. Come 5am and my alarm went off – straight out of bed and bleary eyed across the base to the run site.

more t-shirts I wont bother wearing again

6am came quickly and ‘bang’ we were off. Was planning to take it easy – a long time since I have run 10km quickly … but my pace felt good and finished around 10th in 43m40s

Lap times / split per km

…. temp always seems to add about 3 min to run time – would have been nice to run sub 40 but in 30C+ that is asking a bit too much for my body.

Then went back quickly packed and jumped on a plane …. a good start to a boring travel day.

nice hotel bed to finish the day