Great bike Rack for flat dwellers

After visiting friends in both New York and San Francisco, furniture maker Chris Brigham realized that there was very little effort going towards proper bike management and maintenance coast to coast. The resulting Bike Shelf by the one-man design team (whose graphic design background includes a stint at Google) joins his home furniture line, Knife & Saw.

A cleverly efficient way to store bikes, the solid wood conceals a steel square rod mount for elegantly hanging a bike, doubling as a table-top space for books, keys, flowers and more.

Currently available in solid wood options of Walnut ($300) and Ash ($275), Brigham will custom make it to fit your bike size, and can use different wood preferences if requested. The shelf is made to align with 16″ spaced studs, but can also be adjusted to personal liking.

Get it from Knife & Saw’s site.

Author: richdirector

07966 910358

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