kitesurf Dunbar – sometimes everything is wrong

Forecast the night before not great but still worth trying it.

However the only thing accurate on this was the temp – stepped out the car and puddles were all frozen.

frozen in the car park

Beach is so great – well for beginners – most pure surfers head south of Dunbar for the rock reefs – but more closed in than here and less suited to kiting. But today was crap – was forecast to be 19-23mph but was barely 7 …. so had a long drive for a 5km walk.

looking east

Hail Circe (via )

looking ahead to a Yuba Mundo replacement ….. this could be the trick.

Hail Circe Apologies for the lengthy absence. A trip to Berlin has been the cause – more on that in a later post. However this is an article detailing my latest acquisition in cycling terms – a Circe Helios Tandem. I have posted before on this subject, but at the time was only considering buying one, then having ordered one – but as of today, I am the proud owner of a two seated bicycle! And what a fine machine it is too. I collected it from the workshop … Read More


Fat Frank tyre review

Fat Franks are useless – after the third puncture in as many months have put on schwalbe marathon plus tires complete with slime filed tubes. No good on the yuba although may put them on the Klein….


UPDATE: Since put on my Klein – see the look here …

Cold go away

Oh no big Friday is coming and my throat is killing me and snotty as hell. Not helped by filming in cold Barras and cycling and filming glasgow green yesterday.
Today filming Lau and Inge Thompson in Edinburgh and dreaming of long lie instead of being downstairs drinking Lemsip at 3:50am.
Going to have to disguise the cold otherwise will have spousal dispute regarding going into 2 degree water.

Power of thought ‘cmon spring into action.’