A ride at Glentress – Scotland ‘is it spring’

A plan was hatched via email … the ‘Beer and Bento’ massive, a group of over 30 and over 40 men who should no better decided a trip to Glentress was on the cards and that being Spring we should head off early.

It was colder than I had thought.





When i packed and left all my kit near the front door the night before it was warmer … when I cycled home at 11:30pm with a skinful of booze in me later in the evening I didn’t feel the cold. In the car it said 0 degrees C … got out jackets and tights on and ready to go. Just like the musketeers we were – except there were 5 of us.

I was feeling pretty fresh legged despite the 8km hard run the day before – and cardio was no issue. Some of the others struggled a wee bit. As we climbed up to the mast it got colder until there was a gentle fall of Ice / snow. Suunto on my wrist said 4 degrees but that was in my sleeve …. must have been well below freezing.

icy with dusting of snow still

To put this in perspective Ramon found that his front fork had frozen solid. This slowed down some of the party and there was a bit of waiting around (well earned recovery)

Descended down on black and red trails but then hopped on Blue again at the bottom for the fast sweeping trail (everyone down nr bottom rides red so trail too bust and keep on smacking into tail-enders of groups)

A great day riding

my 'rohloffe'd ti bride'

A new Bike (be warned it is going to be bright)

Popped into Glasgow Bike shed the other day to drop off 2 older kids bike for them to recycle and sell …. then chatted to Richard the manager about bikes. He was doing up an old reynolds Steel 531 frame and painting it a bright orange.

Orange sir ....?

Pulled out some garish green wheels as well and I new that it would be mine ….

that one please

Watch this space.

Video I did for them still doing the rounds as well – over 6000 plays to date

From America Bikes – Bikes and cycling vs cars and Congestion

American focussed but probably the same in the UK


From America Bikes:

  1. Bicycling and walking make up 10% of all trips made in the U.S., but receive less than 2% of federal transportation funding.
  2. Bicyclists and pedestrians account for 13% of traffic fatalities, but receive less than 1% of federal safety funding.
  3. 40% of all trips in America are two miles or less, 74% of which are traveled by car.
  4. Americans spend, on average, 18% of their annual income for transportation. The average annual operating cost of a bicycle is 3.75% ($308) of an average car ($8,220).
  5. A small reduction in driving causes a large drop in traffic. In 2008, the number of vehicle miles traveled dropped 3%, translating to a nearly 30% reduction in peak hour congestion.
  6. Transportation sources account for 70% of our nation’s oil consumption and for 30% of total U.S. GHC emissions.
  7. Simply increasing bicycling and walking from 10% of trips to 13% could lead to fuel savings of around 3.8 billion gallons a year. This is equivalent to having 19 million more hybrid cars on the road.
  8. 89% of Americans believe that transportation investments should support the goals of reducing energy use.
  9. 71% of Americans report that they would like to bicycle more. 53% favor increasing federal spending on bicycle lanes and paths.
  10. For the price of one mile of four-lane urban highway, around $50 million, hundreds of miles of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure can be built, an investment that could complete an entire network of active transportation facilities for a mid-sized city.


It is my Brompton yes and it is special

purple back in fashion

So you have a brompton and you have chose the colours that best match your style/teeth/porcine preferences/retirement cheque but it still isn’t quite you.

Then this is what you can do:

Customise the bike with custom wood Brompton fenders HERE

See the grain

Knit it a special jacket

knitted cover

Furnish it with a special bag

Custom spanish bags

Nice rapha vid – an oldie but a goodie

Rapha cycling clothing…shot with a Canon XL-H1 and a RedRock 35mm adapter(not on all shots) shortly after this I got rid of the RedRock and bought an SGpro…the SGpro is soooo much better!!

Lance Armstrong Quits again

Lance Armstrong has ended his international career after completing the final stage of the Tour Down Under in the Australian city of Adelaide.

A seven-time Tour de France winner, Armstrong, now 39, had announced in 2009 that he would be ending his international cycling career in two years time, and has stuck to that pledge.

He has, however, come back from retirement before – in January 2009 he ended a three and a half year hiatus to come back to join the Radioshack racing team.

Armstrong, who won plaudits amongst fans after he recovered from testicular cancer to come back and win the Tour de France multiple times, did not produce fireworks on his retirement ride, finishing outside the top 50. He was almost six minutes behind 23-year-old Cameron Meyer, the Australian race winner.

Alleged drug use

He remains contracted to the Radioshack team, and is scheduled to take part in a number of multi-sport events in the United States. Perhaps he will go back to Triathlon …

His participation in mountain bike races or triathlons could be determined, however, by the outcome of a federal probe launched following allegations that he regularly use banned substances while racing with the US Postal team from 1999 to 2004.

Armstrong has said that he expects to be vindicated when the report from the probe is released. The probe was ordered after Sports Illustrated published a story that examined allegations that he had used banned performance enhancing substances.