Critical Mass attacked by Car driver Brazil

Our thoughts are with the cyclists who participated in Critical Mass in Brazil.

Warning: This video is not for the faint of heart.

Is this the worst case of Road Rage you have heard about?

Video footage has captured the moments a peaceful critical mass ride in the city of Porto Alegre in south eastern Brazil on Friday evening turned into something much nastier when a motorist accelerated through a group of 130 riders, hitting 20 of them and putting 9 in hospital. The footage is not for the faint hearted.

Incredibly despite the shocking nature of the scenes captured in both films local media reports say that all of the injured cyclists were discharged from hospital after treatment.

Two films of the incident show a relaxed and peaceful Critical Mass ride suddenly turn in to something much more sinister and frightening when a black VW Golf, which according to some witnesses had been follow the ride for some time suddenly accelerates through the middle of the group of over 100 riders with predictably horrible results. The shorter video above contains subtitles and witness accounts, the longer film at the end of this piece is unsubtitled – predictably both films have attracted some hateful comments on Youtube.

Although police found the badly damaged car on Friday night they have not yet been able to locate it’s driver thought to be the 47-year old owner of the vehicle, Ricardo José Neis. While local cyclists have called for the driver to be charged with attempted murder, according to Porto Alegre’s Police Chief, Gilberto Montenegro it is not yet possible to say if the driver intended to run over the cyclists, maybe he hasn’t seen the videos. However, Chief Montenegro has said that If intent is proven the driver may wel face a charge of attempted murder.

One cyclist who was on the ride Camilo Colling, told the Brazilian website Terra Brasil that he spoke to the driver just before the incident, asking him to be patient and stop behaving aggressively towards the riders in his path and warning him that there were children and older people taking part in the ride ahead. The driver allegedly replied “Yes but I’m in a hurry” before ploughing his car in to the group of cyclists in front of him.

The authorities recovered the car shortly after the incident and identified its owner, but Neif has so far proved more elusive having reportedly gone in to hiding. According to local reports a lawyer claiming to be acting for the driver has contacted police telling them that is client will surrender voluntarily on Monday – there has been no indication as yet whether that man will prove to be Ricardo Neis.

What offence he will be charged with remains to be seen, but many of those who were the victims of his actions or who witnessed them will not it seems be satisfied with anything less than attempted murder a possibility that has not been ruled out.



Ricardo Neis, the 47 year-old driver of a car that drove through a group of cyclists on a Critical Mass ride in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre last Friday has been charged with attempted murder, tomorrow the central banker will also find out whether he will be remanded in prison until he faces trial. In the meantime, according to his defence team Neis has been admitted to a psychiatric clinic “He’s very shaken by the whole situation, stressed and not able to work” one of his defence lawyers told Ultimo Segundo.

Porto Alegre’s police chief, Gilberto Montenegro said that Neis had “used the car as a weapon” he also appeared to pour scorn on Neis’s story that he felt scared by some cyclists banging on the roof of his car. The police now have 30 days in which to complete their enquiries and the prosecution in the case will be in court tomorrow to apply for Neis to be remanded in custody. Commenting on the charges and the move to put Neis behind bars now the state prosecutor in the case Eugenio Armorim said “It’s time to change the culture of impunity, especially in matters of transit. The prosecution has adopted an attitude that was expected by society”.

Meanwhile It has also emerged that Neis has a string of previous convictions for both traffic and offences of violence including attacking his ex-partner, driving on the sidewalk, driving the wrong way down a street and speeding, a gun owned by Neis also went missing from his house and was found in somebody else’s possession. In one piece of good news for Mr Neis, if our shaky grasp of Portuguese is correct, his employers the Brazilian central bank confirmed to local media that Neis would not be facing any disciplinary action from them

The incident, in which Neis ploughed his black VW Golf  through 130 cyclists on a Critical Mass ride hitting 20 of them and injuring 8 was caught on film from by both participants in the ride and onlookers – none of those videos shows any evidence of aggression on the part of those taking part, in fact Neis’s black VW Golf appears to come almost from nowhere as it speeds through the group of cyclists containing women, children and senior citizens. (You can view one of the videos at the top of this story).


Yesterday speaking to reporters after three hours spent giving evidence at Porto Alegre’s police headquarters Neis said that he was “terribly upset” about what had happened but that the cyclists had left him with no alternative “I was being attacked, they broke the mirror”. The police confirmed that the only damage to his car mentioned by Neis was to the wing mirrors – something which would appear to contradict an earlier statement from his lawyers that the car windows had been smashed by the cyclists prior to Neis driving through them. In his comments to the media Neis also seemed to depart from the defence line that he had acted as he did out of fears for the safety of his 15 year old son, Neis seeming to put more emphasis on his own safety and on fears of damage to his car.

According to the Brazilian newspaper O Jornal Neis told reporters on exiting the police station on Monday that he had been travelling with his son when he was attacked by the cyclists taking part in the Critical Mass ride:

“I am terribly upset with everything that happened. I very much regret what happened to them (cyclists) all, but I had no other alternative. I was being attacked, they broke the mirror,” he said.


Another Day another race – 13hrs later


6am is too early for the start of a race – especially when it is only 8km and it is dark when you finish too.


After surviving yesterday and my calf not pulling too much I felt I was up for the race this morning despite the stupid start time.

speed - gps fluctuations

Speed tracks are always annoying on gps – one of the reasons I have the Suunto (reviewed HERE)  show average speed as the mad gps fluctuations annoy me – there is no way I run 3m/km followed by 4m40/km.

Heart rate Movescount

The lap times below show the 1km splits so and you can see the consistency there – I generally just keep the Suunto t6 showing my Heart Rate (to keep below lactic threshold) and then when it beeps every km on autolap I check my progress.

lap times

The run as I said was in the dark – at the start someone tripped and fell and the race was spent looking for potholes (of which there are a few) although luckily I know the roads of the route quite well.

By 2km I was pretty much in the position I stayed in apart from 2 Ugandans who started late and came flying past at a good 3:20/km pace. Caught a couple of soldiers and got passed by a brit I have raced with and beaten a few times. Was a bit annoying as my legs were tired and I couldn’t quite get the muster to pass him again.

28m44s which was fine and I think around 20th or 21st of about 400-500 runners.

So got another t-Shirt (as did the first 300)

T-shirt BACK

Brompton Bike in the snow

Another one on the Brompton from NYCE wheels

Peter rides his Brompton folding bike around New York City’s snow bound streets. The Brompton gives you the flexibility to stop in where ever you go.

Caribbean 600 – Phaedo streaking through

Caribbean 600

Footage of PHAEDO in the race

Here is some bumph – but look at the Polars they see the boat can hit +30knots on broad reach …. amazing for a cruising boat.

Polars for the 66

The 66-foot Phaedo is a fine example of the performance cruising catamarans from the leading yard Gunboat: Luxurious, built using the very latest materials and, above all else, exceptionally fast. Her length of over 20 metres and beam of 8.60 metres ensures a high level of stability, and the yacht’s impressive sail plan ensures high speeds in safety and comfort.

Metric Imperial
LOA 20.11 66.0
LWL 18.92 62.0
BOA 8.6 28.2″
Beam On Centerline 6.6 21.7
Draft Bd Down 2.6 8.5
Draft Bd Up 0.7 2.2
Mast Clearance 26.6 87.0
Mast Length 24.1 78.8
Displacement Lightship 15,454 kg 34,000 lbs
Displacement Max Load 18,236 kg 40,120 lbs
Headroom – Salon 1.98 6.50
Headroom – Hulls 1.98 6.50
Hull Width 2.03 6.66
Fuel Capacity 2 X 492 L 2 X 100 Gal
Water Capacity 2 X 492 L 2 X 100 Gal

MAIN – Quantum Carbon/Vectran Fushion Membrane MAIN
SOLENT – Quantum Carbon/Vectran Fushion Membrane (self tacking)
STORM JIB – Quantum 12 oz Dacron
AP SCREECHER – Quantum Cuban Fiber
High Tech MARLOW cordage spectra, stirpped race-boat style halyard & sheets

Sail Area Upwind 207 sq m 2,232 sq ft
Sail Area Downwind 433 sq m 4,667 sq ft

Composite construction of vacuum-bagged, epoxy foam sandwich and Aramid Honey-comb Nomex with carbon fiber inner skins & Kevlar outer skins for impact resistance
All Carbon Spars from Marstrom
Unidirectional Aramid fiber shrouds
Aramid forestays (x 2) with custom Facnor furlers
Custom Carbon Fiber 42″ sculptured race boat steering wheel
Carbon fiber retractable rudders and dagger boards
African Sapele Cabinetry and Brazilian Mahogany Floors

Volvo Penta D2-55 Hp Diesel (x2)
Spectra Ultra Whisper 600 with Z-Brane Water Makers (x1)
Sharp 80W Solar Panels (x14)
Lewmar Electric Winches (x4)
Isotherm Instant Hot Water Heater (x2)
Sundanzer 8 cubic ft. top loading refrigerator
Waeco 4 cubic ft. front loading freezer
Force 10 four burner stove
Iridium Phone with data kit & mast atennae
Auto-Pilots (x2)
Owner’s Choice Navigation/Electronics Package
Owners’ Choice Entertainment Package

Main Salon features Galley, generous lounge, and folding dining area
Four Queen Size cabins
Ensuite head with dedicated shower in each cabin
Techma electric toilet system
Ample storage in each cabin
Independent crew quarters with ensuite head and shower
Walk in engine room with all round access
Spacious “back porch” aft cockpit with caulked teak deck dedicated to lounging and outdoor dining
Forward working cockpit for sail handling with caulked teak deck

5km Race (Race for the Wounded Soldier)

After pulling my calf muscle 3 days ago I wasn’t so sure about the 8km race I am supposed to do tomorrow morning and if my leg would hold up. Then found out about a smaller 5km race today (a live link to US Race for The Wounded Soldier). Small race about 180 people.

Went in for the race not intending to go very quickly but 1st km was a bit twingy then it seemed alright staying at that pace so kept going. Reeled in a few places until I was in 5th by 2.5km mark and stayed there until finish.


yellow line probably better average pace band


Average Pace – not really taking into account the 20knot wind – think I was more consistent than this


lap time with a rogue HR

T-Shirt for first 100 coming – will put up photo then.