Landsailing – the americas cup in a dry hot place …. NALSA

Found on sailing anarchy – just when I thought Ice Sailing was mad enough …….

NALSA’s annual America’s Cup of landsailing regatta was held March 19th through 26that Ivanpah dry lake near Primmm Nevada. We had high winds for the event and a bit of carnage on the race course at times. Winds ranged from 5 to over 50 mph due to the frontal systems working there way over from the California coast. The racing stops when the gusts exceed 30mph. Most of the racing was in winds around 20mph. The race course is set windward leeward as best as possible with the configuration of Ivanpah dry lake.

The marks ranged from about 2 or 3 miles apart. Most of the races are timed for 15 to 25 minutes which translates 20 to 30 miles distance depending on how fast your boat can get around the course. I raced 2 different solid winged boats in 2 separate classes. Nalsa class 5 (49 sq. ft.)yellow winged boat and class 4 Wood boat with green wing(59 sq. ft.). I had a personal best of combination 14 first places and one third place as a throwout between both classes. My max speed was 81.69 mph via gps.


Absolute Hunger

Went to the gym to do an hour steady high cadence cycle – I sometimes prefer the gym for this because:

a) I can watch Bored to Death and giggle chuckle my way through 2 episodes .

b) It is dark outside and Baghdad potholes can swallow the unwary (and small wheeled bicycles)

c) the brompton pedals are plain flats so can’t pull up on the pedal (robbing that precious 1/3rd of muscle that should be exercised.

Then weirdly I started craving food – a craving like ‘I have done 5 hrs of the enduro and I must eat NOW’ so couldn’t help or distract myself and cut off after 45mins ….

So a bit annoyed with myself and think my portion might have been on the galactic side of normal. If you want to know Vegetable curry with some slices of chicken breast. Diced raw tomato pepper and onion salad (mmm nice breath) and some red kidney beans …. so carbs and protein.

Have you been put off exercise lately through any cravings? Tell me about it?

WordPress 5km Run – I’m in

If you have a wordpress blog and fancy a run then now is the time to do it ….


We had a great idea: Get all 80 Automatticians from 62 cities to run/walk a 5k on the same day! This way we can get some exercise together as a company even though we’re apart (though we won’t rule out a softball or Texas scramble at our next meetup).

We want to invite you to join us, users (and self-hosted WP users, too!), in the Worldwide WP 5k – the 5k blogged around the world! The date is approaching, so read on to find out how to participate.

WHAT IT IS: A 5k run/walk (approximately 3.1 miles). You can run, walk, or skip. It’s up to you. There’s no time limit and there’s just one requirement: that you participate! [Updated: You can do it inside or outside, on a treadmill or on a track, or even do a swim or a bike ride instead of running/walking – just get moving!]

It’s roughly equal to:

  • 3.1 miles
  • 12 laps around a track
  • approximately 6000-7500 steps
  • approximately 50-60 minutes of brisk walking

WHEN: We’re all busy, but we want you to participate, so we’re giving you some flexibility, too. The WWWP5k is set forSunday, April 10th, but you can do your walk anytime from April 4th -10th (you’ve got a week to fit it in). Just post about it and use the tag “wwwp5k” so we can find you (and for a chance to be Freshly Pressed). :)

WHO: Anyone who’s ever used or loved WordPress (and your families and friends, too).

HOW: You’re welcome to blog your entire route and your preparation (videoblog, perhaps?) but above all we’d love to see where you are and how you’re completing your 5k. Give us a picture of you and what you see when you cross the finish line and tell us your location as you complete your 5k with the rest of the world.

Some tools & suggestions:

  • Get a pedometer
  • Use to chart your course
  • Set your car’s odometer to 0, leave your house and drive along a safe course with sidewalks for walking/running, until you reach 1.55 miles (you can loop back the same way), or chart out a 3.1 mile course

If you’re not up to running this year, never fear, you can get started with the Couch to 5k method which several Automatticians like – 9 weeks from couch potato to running a 5k, and be ready to run for next year. But make sure to walk this year – no excuses!


That run – 9km in the heat – Huff and Puff


Sweaty Betty



Went for a run yesterday and boy did I suffer. Temp here has suddenly hit Spring was about 28 degrees and I went off with a plan to do a 10km ish run. It was an explore type run was looking for a new route and i found quite a sweet one.

Went off the normal route and up a dirt road next to a canal – came around to one of the lakes where I saw a squad turning in for a 5km fitness run … always an incentive to pass 20 year old chaps (the shameful fitness levels of the US Army but that’s another story)


HR spike catching the lads



After that exertion I was HOT and tired so came in and flopped out – not quite the 10km but a good run none-the-less.


Split Times / km



A neat solution – water bottle holder for Brompton

It had crossed my mind out here in the desert when going for a spin that it would be good to be able to carry a water bottle on the brompton … the alternatives being a camelback or shoving some bottles into the S-Bag.


Well help came in the way of a friendly heads up on twitter when I was sent a link to this

which instead of fitting this way can be made to fit the top tube which won’t affect the fold. Your bike will then be sweet like this ….

thanks to @urbanfragments on twitter

Brompton Globe Trotter (youtube)

blurb info

If you thought Sadaam’s legacy was something you could smell in the air, you would be wrong. He’s gone and the city is now rebuilt and bold once again. Doesn’t mean they care about me, the humble cyclist though. What a novelty I was on those roads

Just came across this guy on YouTube and his Brompton GlobeTrotter Channel. Basic info is he’s a steward and takes his bike wherever he goes ….. this one the first is Kuwait – but there are others in Lagos, Nigeria and the Bahamas ….

Seems to be filmed on something basic like an iPhone but interesting never the less. Really should get himself something dainty like the olympus pen with a fixed 17mm lens …. in fact might suggest that to him.

Will post the more interesting video here but if you cant wait then access him here …..