Another brompton

There is word in the Crawford household on the acquisition of another brompton…

this is mainly due to the fact that mrs C now says that the brompton is hers. So the other day I had to cycle across town on the pinarello (which is currently for sale) and leave it locked up outside in a creative (read cheap, edgy and just a tad thieving) area of glasgow. The brompton came in for the meeting.
The pinarello was safe but with it gone there is no way I am leaving either of the Ti brides (lynskey cooper road bike or carver Ti 96er roll off mtb) outside. Neither have mudguards and both require clipless shoes …. So spoke to a pal to see if she wants to sell her brompton which is practically unused. It’s black and as much as I would love to give mrs C the red one and acquire a sleek brommie in raw lacquer for myself – I am trying to be practical. (and dare I say economical)

The brompton really is the best bike I have owned for most journeys under 10km and definitely the best in the type of summer weather we have been having lately ……

Just don’t do what Tom did and buy a mezzo folder and regret the purchase with every minute and every pothole ……

Author: richdirector

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