New tattoo – spot the bike bits

Had my tattoo yesterday at lucky cat in glasgow – it is a well respected parlour with a 5 month waiting list. Had a tattoo done which mixes a love of Mexican day of the dead illustrations with my love of bikes. Can you spot the bike bit? Look up now before I reveal the fact it is in …. The eyes – spot those single speed cogs.
It is still a bit ouch but should be fine by the sportive on Sunday.

Have any bike (or sport) tattoos? Send me a pic and I will splice them on underneath.

5 thoughts on “New tattoo – spot the bike bits”

      1. Tramp stamps are lower back tattoos admired during doggy …. So your mate is wrong.
        An aside
        My mother in law turning 50 – ‘I thought I might get a tattoo on my face and neck’
        Me- ‘no you shouldn’t – it’s a bit common’
        her- ‘no it’s not common I haven’t seen many people with it’
        Me – ‘not that type of common’

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