Obree sportive 2012

I feel tired as I type this

more so than I should after a 109km cycle …. I blame the fact that my bike still has too many white bits on it and also the fact that I gave blood on Thursday …… Well I was more curious on the affect of giving blood so I googled it ….

An article in Omega Cycling by Dr P A Lambeti (MBBcH), said, in part: “A study has been done looking at the effects of blood donation on exercise
performance in competitive cyclists. This study evaluated 10 male cyclists before and after phlebotomy (donating blood), to determine the effect of donation of one unit of
blood on exercise performance. Each subject underwent maximal exercise testing with oxygen consumption measurement at baseline, 2 hours after phlebotomy, 2 days after
phlebotomy, and 7 days after phlebotomy. The results found that maximal performance was decreased for at least one week and that submaximal performance was unaffected by blood donation.
Thus, if you are a competitive cyclist, do not donate blood within 7 – 10 days of a competitive race, as your performance will be compromised. If you are a casual cyclist
performing submaximally, you may not experience any deleterious effects apart from a higher heart rate than normal from the day after donating.”
Monster facts. Also 150,000 people faint or feel faint after giving blood each year.

So there you have it – if I hadn’t given blood I might have been a minute or so quicker.

readout of gps on endomondo

To the event … Graeme Obree is the most famous Scottish cyclist not plauded enough for his achievements … The breaker of the hour record, the inventor of the superman and the prone position both subsequently banned by the UCI. He now runs an annual sportive which takes place in his native ayrshire. This year was the first time I entered and the event was fantastic. A great course taking in 3 smooth climbs with great descents. The sportive was also fantastically marshalled and signposted so I was over the moon. My only downside was the fact the polar RCX5 heart rate monitor ran out of memory due to the fact I forgot to delete all the old records and the memory was nearly full when I set off.

Graeme in the spirit of the sportive cycles the whole course at around 22kmh in order to chat to people … I passed him on an uphill and he shouted an encouraging ‘good climbing’ I said thanks in reply but had I known it was the man god himself I would have slowed to chat.

Well maybe next year …. Watch the film the flying Scotsman then come and take part.


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