008 and a half – Mario Cipollini saves the day

In conjunction with Eurobike 2012 and the release of his new bike model, Mario Cipollini released a featurette film showcasing…. well, the big cippo himself…. and to some extent the bike too. Here’s a quick synopsis: Evil competitors, who seem to be modern day right winger German 5 axix (or republicans) but live in Shanghai, are on the hunt to steal Mario’s patented, new bike design, the BOND-ATOMLINK. It’s up to Mario to save the day, get the girl and keep the plans safe. To find out how it unfolds, you’ll have to watch the film for yourself.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/48071362 w=600&h=338]

What strikes us most about the film, besides the fantastic performances, is that the film really does sell the image of  Mario more that it sells the bike itself. If you’ve been following some of Cipollini’s previous forays into bike films, you’ll realize that he is as much about the brand as the bike is. The same showmanship and bravado that he so famously exhibited during his years as a professional rider haven’t faded with the years. He seems as fit and suave as ever. Is he flamboyant and over the top? Sure. But he’s stayed true to his image and built a bike company on that image. So when you look to buy one of his bikes, you’re also buying (into) a bit of the overall Mario Cipollini “brand”.

And if you can cast your gaze away from Mario for long enough to look at his bikes, you’ll find a beautifully, well constructed machine. Would we want one? You bet.

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