2 thoughts on “Vesta smashes the sailing world speed record”

  1. Loved this. I finally got a good idea of what this boat looked like. (Everything I’d seen before had been close-ups or from odd angles.) But I’ve still got a question: I notice the pilot pulling on ropes in the cockpit. Any insights into the controls of this machine? I guess I was expecting some sort of electro-mechanical actuators. After all, this is a high-speed machine–and there’s quite a bit of distance between the cockpit and the sail. Ropes (and their even more mysterious routing) seem a bit 20th century to me.

    1. you got me on that all i know is wing has a top and lower half and maybe the pulling is to detach the upper part of wing or sheet out the trim tab …. maybe something to do with the foil? He pulls more than one rope i am sure.

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