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Published on May 28, 2013

Filmed and edited by Tony Schneidewind
Music by Phil Knoll:…

Knoll’s video doesn’t feature the sorts of death defying jumps and tricks (or indeed budget) we’ve come to expect from trials rider supreme, Danny MacAskill. Instead it’s a collection of finely honed tricks and stunts that owe a lot to his origins as a flatland BMXer, although this isn’t by any means pure flatland as there are obstacles involved in many of the tricks – including lorry trailers although the most impressive bit is him somersaulting off one bike and on to the pegs of another… although you might think differently.

Another ride out on the bike

This morning was a ride and a plan that i don’t do often – got dressed up in my mtb gear pushed m bike down to the school and dropped the girls off and set off directly from there 9am. I don’t normally get up that early for a bike ride but it was well worth it. The sun was out and already i had stuffed my jacket into the camelbak.

ride with gps screen
ride with gps screen

What a blast – up to Bearsden and the hills beyond on my Lynskey Ridgeline 29er. I think I love this bike …. a lot. It is so effortless and quick. I did trails today quicker and with less effort (and mainly with less fitness than I did them before) The bike flows over obstacles so much better than my old carver. I even bagged a KOM on one section with little effort …. mind you only 68 people before and only a few seconds up on my previous attempts.

Wooo Hooo KOM (for a day or two)
Wooo Hooo KOM (for a day or two)

Went up some old trails and was also impressed by the traction once again from the Maxxis Ardent tyres so grippy yet still fast rolling.

2013-05-30 10.53.01

rohloff2013-05-30 10.53.07

grippy Maxxis Ardent UST
grippy Maxxis Ardent UST


2013-05-30 10.53.29

beast2013-05-30 10.53.41

DT swiss forks2013-05-30 10.54.08

badge2013-05-30 10.54.21

brakes2013-05-30 10.54.37

hills2013-05-30 10.55.23

I went down some trails that I had never been down before – one in particular seemed very sweet then suddenly the angle got steeper and steeper – suddenly it was a 45 degree slope and i was hanging on. I guess over time I have become particularly good at crashing so did a slow slide of doom before i had to jettison prior to going over the bars. I loved it I picked myself up laughing with a scrape on my leg and mud on the gloves. Stopped on the way home at the garage and used the jet wash – a quick and cost / time effective way to clean the bike.

2013-05-30 12.29.48

bushed – mud and helmet hair

strava - click on to link
strava – click on to link

New York bike scheme

Once again the New Yorker gets it spot on

New York became the latest city to sign up to bike-sharing Monday, with the launch of a scheme that has been welcomed by cycle enthusiasts but met with some protests from residents

The privately-funded Citi Bike scheme saw 6,000 branded bikes docked at 330 stations across Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn on Memorial Day.

Launching the programme, Mayor Michael Bloomberg described the project as a “big win” for New York.

“It’s going to give New Yorkers another way to get around town by extending connectivity from subway and bus stops. It’s also going to be great for our millions of visitors, allowing them another way to see the city, including making our incredible waterfront more accessible,” he added.

As of Monday’s launch day, around 9,000 people had signed up to use the bikes. It comes at an annual membership of $95.

The scheme follows similar bike-sharing programmes in Paris and London. The New York scheme is the largest in operation in the US.

Their introduction has not been without the odd bump in the road, however. Some Manhattan residents have complained about docks being placed outside their apartment blocks. In the weeks running up to the launch, public meetings heard complaints that the docks could prove to be a hazard by getting in the way of fire trucks. Others have complained that they eat into precious car-parking space.

On Monday, pockets of protest could be found among the riders.

In the Manhattan neighborhood of Soho, a small group demonstrated at a docking station placed at the site of a small city park once reserved for public art works.

Minerva Durham, 74, treasurer of The Friends of Petrosino Square, said: “I have no concern over whether their programme is successful or not. I favour bicycles, but not at the expense of parks and also not the history of Soho.”

Carl Rosenstein, director of The Puffin Room gallery in Soho also opposes the bike share station: “We don’t have a department of transportation, we have a department of tyranny. We want the bikes moved across the street.”

Meanwhile police reported that not all of the bike users had signed up for the scheme, with one woman just helping herself to a bike. Officers say the thief struck Sunday night as workers unloaded bikes at 25th Street and Second Avenue.

Does Size Wheelie Matter?

Wheel size – as he says ‘does it wheelie matter ‘ I am a 29er convert but other views are available …



There are many a subject that us mountain bikers like to debate, but nothing is a hotter topic right now than the great wheel size debate.

Well you can all sit back and relax cos Chips, legendary editor of Singletrack Magazine and bike guru has spoken up and settled the argument for us, so we needn’t give it another thought!

Or has he?

Well did you read that? It seems conclusive that the main manufacturers are dropping the current 26″ standard in favour of 650b (27.5″ in English). Apart from a few isolated models it seems that 29″ and 650b will make up next years crop of bikes, with the 650b being the wheel size for the DH and all mountain brigade and the XC wheel of choice will likely continue to be 29″ and on a hard tail.

I have a 26″ full sus and a 29er hard…

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The Lynskey Ridgeline SL 29er Rohloff

in the cave ready to roll
in the cave ready to roll

Meant to put this up the other day but here is the build of the Lynskey Ridgeline SL 2012 with Rohloff Speedhub.

Lynskey Ridgeline SL 29er

DT Swiss XMM100 fork


ti seatpost

Ritchey WCS stem and saddle

Easton EC90 bars

XTR cranks / pedals/ brakes

Rohloff Speedhub 38:16

Stans 355 front rim on hope hub

Stans Arch EX on rear

Maxxis Ardent tyres tubeless on both wheels


A very solid bike even it isn’t the lightest 26.5lbs ….

chubby but smooth
chubby but smooth

Continental Trail King Tires Review and Renew…

there is always a favourite tyre – lazyrando swears by his conti tyres ….

The Lazy Rando Blog...

I love my Continental Trail King tires. I’ve used my first pair for over a year and had zero flats, burps or other issues. Just great traction and reliable performance.

So when I started to uncharacteristically spin my tire on steeper looser climbs I checked my rear tire and it was worn badly. Time for new rubber.

The new tires say Rubber Queen on them because that’s what Trail Kings are called in Europe. Different name, but same tire. I bought the UST version again. They are heavy, but I love the traction and how great they are to setup tubeless. I chose the 2.4″ size a second time because I love how the large diameter tire rolls over roots and rocks. Skinny tires aren’t faster if you get hung up in every tech section.

I’ve heard some good things about the Schwalbe Hans Damf tire, but I figure why…

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