Bucket List time

January looking light for work so going to do this (hopefully) Dont really fancy shlepping my kite stuff so I may rent a windsurfer and dust that part of my technique off ….

but before I get to excited i emailed to check dates and got this back ….

We have put the HIHO event on-hold for 2014.  Sorry about this.  We do expect a reincarnation in 2015 which might be more kite focused.

Highland Spring HIHO

Racing is the backbone of the HIHO event and competition tales place in these classes: SUP, windsurfing & kiting. Summer conditions in the BVI are ideal for all these activities. Each class races separately. Here are details:


There are two SUP racing classes: Open and Fanatic One-Design. Open class racers can compete on any board as long as it is under 14′. Races are 3 to 5-miles in length. The organizer have a limited number of 12’6″ and 14′ raceboards available for rent. There is the option of shipping boards back and forth from Miami in our container. You should contact us for more info.

The Fanatic One-Design class is the larger of the SUP classes. All racers use the bespoke 12′ Fanatic Ray board. The Fanatic One-Design class caters to more intermediate level racers and involves daily races that are 1-3-miles in length, and almost always in sheltered waters.

We recognize the top 5 racers in the Open class, and the top women racer. In the Fanatic One-Design class we give trophies to the top 10-racers


This is a strict one design division where all racers use the BIC Techno 2 283. The 148 liter board is ideal for inter-island racing in our Summer trade wind weather. Boards are available for rent. Techno 2 racers may use any fin they like and any three sails. Neil Pryde V8 & Hellcat sails are also available for rent. [Equipment Info here]

Techno 2 racers will compete between 6 and 9 races during the event. Racing starts on smaller courses in the North Sound, then longer inter-island legs by day 2.

Trophies are awarded in the windsurfing class in these division:

1. Juniors (<18)

2. Men’s (18-34)

3. Master’s (35-44)

4. Grand Masters (45-54)

5. Super Masters (55+)

6. Women’s (all ages)


New for the 2013 event, kitesurfing will involve a limited number of inter-island races. The kite racing class will be limited to 15-racers. All inter-island kite races must be aboard raceboards. We will not permit twin tip and low-volume boards for the inter-island races. You may use any board when you rode recreationally. Prizes will be awarded to the top kiters following the race series we outline for the week.


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