New kites for new holiday

Ordered some new kites to go with the cheapie holiday I booked to Cape Verde. Realised it might be time as I came in Saturday with my Waroo 7m and realised it was from 2007 and a wee bit tired and jellyfishing with age ….best_ts_kite_v2_alt_4

best of all – one pump


not sure what colour as I have ordered older 2013 kites and not the new 2014 V3 one – Savings

Performance for All


If your sessions take in unhooked new school, freeride and even some wave riding then the TS is made for you. Built with our Double Core RS canopy fabric the TS v2 delivers amazing crossover performance with the focus firmly on new school and unhooked performance.

The 5m and 6m TS sizes are the perfect high wind kites. Their Ride Optimized open-c platform delivers rock solid stability, predictable handling and broad sweet spot to help you conquer any conditions. The 7m – 12m sizes let you express your style in the air and on any wave. Responsive unhooked steering, light bar feel and great jumping ability ensure the TS remains the favorite sizes for new school riding- it’s the most versatile SLE kite in our 2013 line-up.

For light wind riding and racing, the 15m and 17m TS kites are the most aerodynamically refined and popular light wind kites we’ve ever made. The largest TS sizes will keep you riding after everyone else has packed up for the day.


“Performance for all – With the TS v2 I wanted to provide high performance riding in every category for every rider. We’ve managed to squeeze more speed from each size and reduce bar pressure on every kite; it’s incredibly fun to ride.”
— Peter Stiewe

A short bridle gives you precise, direct handling with plenty of feedback. A single, self-adjusting front bridle tow point helps provide the stability, low end power and upwind ability that you need to perform.

Every TS is shaped and tuned to deliver incredible crossover performance. 5m-12m sizes are created for unhooked Freestyle and Freeride while the 15m and 17m sizes deliver unbelievable light wind and racing performance.

Double Core Rip-stop has twice as many reinforcing fibers woven into the warp and well as standard Ripstop fabrics – giving you twice the performance with no weight penalty. A BEST Exclusive.

There are no shortcuts to creating lasting durability; we use the highest quality materials and most advanced construction techniques to build kites that are truly Surf Tough and the match of conditions anywhere in the world.


ordered a 6m and an 8m as I hate light wind kiting ….. this should cover me from 18-35 knots.


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