Sometimes even a bad ride is good

MTB today – as i left the flat the heavens opened and the rain and sleet hail came down. I could have, if i had a modicum of sense, gone back in and then either gone on the turbo or headed out to the gym. but in for a penny, in for a pound i headed off but changed the route from what would be a very wet and unpassable wood to canal paths which would be muddy but quick.

Hardly saw anyone all day and that is rare for a weekend when walkers and dog owners and other crazy cyclists and runners are out.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 19.36.21


2 degrees C – by the time I got in my winter mtg boots had leaked the water through to my now icy toes and the Sealskin gloves were wet and my fingers a bit numb. But quick bucket to clean the bike (all the mud sprayed off with rain puddles and then me …

post ridefor once the iPhone stayed in my bag as I didn’t want it ruined in the deluge …. then quick snap and 200m down the road to my victorian gym and their lovely turkish rooms …. aaaah bliss



Author: richdirector

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