Top vs. average speed

After my weekend in Amsterdam I am back in glasgow and missing my 20 bikes to every car ratio ….. Aaaah if only we could copenhagenise/ amsterdamerise too….

Yes we can do (almost) anything by bike!!!

For the first time since almost a month I used the car again. I did 50 minutes over a distance of 6 km in Antwerp and 2h40 over a distance of 115 km. And there’s a good side to this… It made one thing very clear. Again! Motorized traffic has got nothing to do with top speeds, but all with average speeds. When will a majority of people finally get this? Traveling at a low, but constant speed is far more efficient then doing 120 km/h plus on a short part of your trip. So people with power, please start introducing a low, contant speed for cyclists and cars in city centers. But make sure they don’t have t stop at every traffic light. And please optimize traffic outside of city centers. Why not introducing a visualization of a kind road code? E.g. integrated in the road, on lamp posts…

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