A Farewell to Arms.

very sick of the car vs bike ranters and headline pushers just like this fella

riding against the grain


While browsing Ye Olde Twitter Feed this morning, I saw this tweet from @outsidemagazine:

The link leads to an article that gives good, albeit unoriginal, practical advice to: 1) be predictable; 2) be visible; and, 3) be cautious.  Brief content criticism: this would have been an excellent opportunity to talk about advocacy and efforts that one can undertake to be proactive in changing the culture in your area, rather than being reactive and wearing bright vests.  So another quasi-lame, regurgitated article on “bike safety”.

That’s not why I’m upset.

I’m upset because Outside, undoubtedly trying to drum up clicks from their twitter feed, talks about “the war between bikes and cars.”  Outside is a voice for many things relating to the great outdoors.  They’re often…

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