Strava mobile gets routing (like mapmyride then)

Strava, the online network that allows you to track your rides and other athletic activity via GPS, has added routes to version 4.1 of its mobile app. The new feature allows you to import routes into Strava’s mobile app and navigate your way around your ride.

The app also has a ‘Route Back To Start’ feature that automatically plots the most efficient path back to the beginning of your activity. That could come in handy if the weather turns against you, for example, or you have a mechanical issue and need to cut your ride short.

The Route Builder feature on allows you to plan rides. Strava say that it uses athlete data to recommend the roads and trails around the world that runners and cyclists use the most. The idea is that you’re getting the benefit of local knowledge wherever you happen to be. They say that millions of GPS-recorded activities uploaded to Strava inform Route Builder’s intelligence.

Once you’ve built a route, you can now follow it on the Strava mobile app (or any compatible GPS device).

It’s free to join Strava although they hope you’ll opt for Premium membership – which offers things like heart rate analysis of your rides and leaderboards that are filtered by age and weight – costing US$6 per month or $59 per year.



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