New Year Resolutions

Half Way through the year and how am I doing …

Invest in that touring bike and plan some trips to make it really count.  Update – Bike Built but no long rides done – 1/2 point

Increase or improve my Strava KOM and PR status (but not if i have to finish a segment inside my own home) Update – NO

Not shy away from the Sufferfest turbo sessions Update – No change – have I even done any this year?

Complete the eTape Caledonian and Pennines with proper training under my belt Update – Caledonian done on shy training and Pennines 2.5 weeks away – 1/2 point

Have a bikeFit – to make sure that I improve position, power delivery and comfort Update – not yet

Do at least one mountain bike marathon race this year with close buddies and do the longer distance option (normally 85km and 2000m+ of climbing) Update – Ooops

Remember not to be a bad name for cycling (red lights etc) Update – Pretty good these day – 1 point

Campaign and lobby for our two wheeled lot and complete the free Bike film I promised Update – Done – 1 point

Sail up the inner hebrides over summer. Update – If i can find that week

Don’t leave the organisation of that sail until the last minute. Update – organisation?

Kitesurfing – don’t always jump on port tack only – embrace the learning curve of jumping to starboard (and the occasional smack down) Update – Doing that – 1 point

Ride more. Kitesurf more. Sail more. Run more 

Ride more…..Ride more…..

Update – 4/11 (must try harder)


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