Iceland, Ireland & the Lowlands…

cycling and great pics too

Cycling Dutch Girl

Seven-and-a-half years ago a backpacker-tour came through a hostel in Derry, Northern Ireland.

This is not a very unusual occurrence.

Thing is Gerry, Isabel and Shirley were on this very tour. Three lovely ladies from Katanning, Australia.

And I happened to work at that backpackers hostel.

It’s now 4 years since I cycled into their town and they looked after me like a long lost (grand) daughter.

Grannies 03-'10 Grannies March 2010

It was time for them to come to Europe again.

And the Netherlands at that.Gerry & Shirley

Sadly granny Isabel couldn’t make it.

Of course meeting my brand new nephew was a good incentive to head over that way too.Jaco

It’s only been four months since I last visited. But now I got to see the Netherlands from a slightly different perspective.

I realised I haven’t been there in spring/summer for many years. With a lot of festivals and celebrations it’s not a bad place to…

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