Some …person …has a go at cyclists but is a …. when it comes to the law

A Skelmorlie mother has had a pop at the arrogance of cyclists who ride in pairs or groups, holding up the traffic in their Lycra costumes. fat housewife


A Skelmorlie mum may have stirred up a hornets’ nest with a strongly worded letter criticising ‘Lycra’ cyclists.

Mrs Heather Atkinson has sent the following letter to the Largs & Millport Weekly News this week….

“This letter is to all cyclists who cycle in groups of two or more on the Largs and Cloch roads.

There is nothing more infuriating than encountering twin pairs of obscene lycra-clad buttocks (and yes, your bums do look big in this) on the road. Tempers flare, horns are blared and you make rude gestures at me that my kids can see. You’re brave when cars are driving past but when that car stops and the driver gets out to confront you, you suddenly lose all your bravado and pedal faster.

This is a plea to all you cyclists who indulge in riding two abreast on the Largs and Cloch Roads to consider your actions.

Picture this and remember me. I’m travelling along one of these roads, just slightly under the speed limit as is my wont, when – to my horror – I round a blind bend (of which there are many around here) and encounter a group of two or often four cyclists blocking the road, going at twelve miles an hour to my fifty. Brakes are slammed on because, unlike you, I care about the well-being of my fellow humans. I am sent skidding into a tree, a wall, or perhaps the sea. Will you still cycle past laughing together and making your rude gestures at me as I lay tangled in the wreckage of your selfishness? Will you still think yourselves so big and clever when I’m in hospital, a coma or maybe even the mortuary? Will you still think yourselves so self-righteous when my children are gathered around my graveside wondering where their mummy is?

Unfortunately, the law puts the rights of cyclists before cars. It is legal to ride two abreast on a road but the law states to use your common sense and move over if you are holding up traffic or if it is dangerous for you to be riding two abreast.

So when the obscene lycra is put away for the working week and you climb back into your car, just think of me. When you’re shouting and swearing at other drivers for getting in your way, just think of me.”

And here is one of a few reasons as to why you should do it.




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