Just Di2 It.

Maybe it is time to go Ultegra Di2

riding against the grain

I consider myself to be pretty well-experienced with Di2 at this point.  I’m running 11 speed Ultegra Di2 on the Madone, and 11 speed hydro-braked Ultegra Di2 (with Dura-Ace bits) on the Moots.

Where am I at on it?

When first I rode Di2, I wasn’t overwhelmed.  It shifted fantastic, looked great, and felt great to the hand, but I didn’t see a real advantage over mechanical.  I was pretty happy with SRAM Red, and having previously ridden Shimano mechanical drivetrains, I wasn’t in a big rush to go back to Shimano.  (My biggest dislike of Shimano mechanical is the way the brake lever moves to shift–so if you go to grab the brake in a hurry, with wet hands, it sometimes wants to move away from your hand).  Truth be told, it was only the massive recall of SRAM hydro brakes that caused me to really question things…

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