he stole my helmet (and then sent it back)

Here’s a unique view of part of stage three of the Tour de France, as the race wound its way through the Epping Forest on the way to a sprint finish in the Mall. Europcar’s Kévin Réza was involved in the shake-down that day, leading out Bryan Cocquard to a fourth-place finish, but he found time for a bit of fun along the way too.

After a spectator’s helmet camera had been knocked to the ground by a ‘whoopsie’ elbow from Lotto-Belisol’s Marcel Sieberg – we’ll steer away from the debate on whether the fan was too close or Sieberg’s elbow was unneccesary for now – Réza managed to pick the helmet, complete with camera, up from the ground as he raced past. He clearly doesn’t stop or even noticeably slow down, so it’s a pretty neat trick. There’s general hilarity in the peloton thanks to Réza’s find – Chris Horner seems particularly impressed – before Réza radios back to the car and drops it off.

And how did the unlucky (or lucky, depending on your point of view) fan get the camera back? “My girlfriend sent Kevin a message via twitter asking if he still had the helmet”, he says in the comments on the video. “He replied and then he posted the helmet back to me! What a legend.”

Team Europecar pro cyclist Kevin Reza pickes up my helmet camera after a unknown team lotto rider elbows it out of my hand


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