An old to my favourite folding thing.

Oh brommie you are ignored sometimes. My faithful Brompton S2L-x.

2014-08-15 23.21.00

Had a few errands to do today and grabbed what is my go to bike for any city chores. The Brompton is a wee darling through the traffic and parks of Glasgow and then when i got to my lunch meeting it was a quick fold then into Jamies Kitchen for a glass of wine and a good salad whilst chinwagging with a work colleague client I am hoping to poach for the business.


Then unfold move fold to the MASTA travel cline for malaria pills and HEP booster for my filming trip to Rwanda next week … then unfold cycle to my colleagues house who I am doing the film with to speak about kit and plans then cycle home to have dinner with the girls and the au pair made a lovely Spag Bol so no cooking for me …. Huzzah

Screenshot 2014-08-15 23.21.38


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