Does everything have to match?

Thoughts on fashion and cycling very funny (and true)


Does everything have to match?  Does your kit match your bike?

This never used to be of interest to me.  I wore whatever was comfortable; whatever was clean; and, sometimes what was in the laundry basket, if necessary.  The clothes didn’t match the bike.  It was never a consideration.  Why would it matter?

One day, something changed.  My bikes got prettier.  Lots of colourful graphics.  And, the cycling “kits” followed suit.  Bikes and kits began to match and, members of racing teams wore the same kit and, the kits were filled with sponsors’ logos.  Cycling became mainstream.  Like football (i.e. soccer), the kits changed every season, a proven recipe for selling more kits.

Today, I stopped to fill my bottle and empty my bladder as usual at Third Beach on the way home from a 75 km ride to Horseshoe Bay and back.  While sitting on the bench looking out into the harbour, I noticed…

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