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In Copenhagen –
From TRAVEL GADGET: Rapha’s City Cycling Guide to Europe
I’ve just returned from a rather ambitious Europe circuit on road.

Well, it’s definitely on motorized wheels for me, but I found these resonating with me – not of prospects of me hopping on a human powered bike soon, but rather of friends who are circumventing the earth on them, and of the various European cyclists – some as old as 60 years and some solo – covering the lengths of Addis Ababa to Nairobi (reversed as well) in February this year.

By now, you’ll know I am drawn to serious gadgets and cutesy travel type books. This is the latter: Rapha’s City Cycling Europe.

It covers eight volumes – Amsterdam, Antwerp/Ghent, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Milan, and Paris – and offers bike practicalities, highlights to hit by bike, and the differences in bike culture (and how to ride safely) in each city which is very useful. But rest assured, unlike Asia or the big continent (US), Europe respects someone on two wheels every bit as much as four.

At 64 pages or so, the guides are small enough to fit in a wide jersey pocket and light enough that you’d take them with you.

But Rapha’s City Cycling Europe true value lies in their inspiration: The writing by Max Leonard and Andrew Edwards is lively. The design by local artist in each location is lovely and authentic, with the retro-Euro look throughout. The maps are extensive and fun to immerse yourself in. The viewpoint is urbane, and the overall sense is that bicycle travel is every bit as noble as any other kind.

Any passionate cyclist would love you for getting it for them …

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Key Features:

Exclusive slipcase

115 × 175mm (Rapha jersey pocket sized)

See the City Guides training and racing routes addendum – complete with ridewithgps. Apps



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