A ramble: climbing Ben Lomond (maireads first Munro)

Saturday morning and the girls were with my ex for the weekend. Mairead and I had had a slightly lazier morning but looked out at 8:30 to lovely blue skies.
‘We should make the most of the day’ ‘let’s go up a hill’ …. I convinced her.

So we drove out to Loch Lomond where the walk starts at 5m above sea level.


Ben Lomond might be one of the easiest Munro’s to bag – It is the most southerly Munro, sits alone on the eastern shores of Loch Lomond – the greatest area of fresh water in the British mainland.
The path commonly used is from the south, the long southern shoulder makes for an easy gradual pull up to the summit with it’s expansive views. Due to it’s proximity to the populated areas of Scotland’s Central Belt, Ben Lomond rivals Ben Nevis for the acolade as the most climbed hill in Scotland and its guardians the NTS and Forestry Commission work hard to manage and control the errosion.

I have climbed this Munro once before in the summer and enjoyed a clear day and the route up was via the ptarmigan ridge up the west side. To find some tranquillity on the hill, you need to take one of the alternative routes.

The walk up however was not going to be clear – it was at first though.





But then the weather got a bit worse – when the cloud bad was hit at 450m and the rain started I had 5 min where I could have turned back – but M was chipper and wanted to do it.


But the end was there even if the views were not – that’s the trig beacon behind her post bag as we scurried off back down.
The beer that evening tasted great.



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