All dads relate to this ….. A kitesurfing running and cycling girl squad is what I am faced with.


three peaks (1 of 1)

Dad, can you use drop handle bars in a mountain bike race?

No love.

So if we put drop handlebars on my cyclo-cross bike, we’ll have to get a mountain bike for mountain bike races?

Hmmmmm. Nice try.

Dad, can you do the 3 peaks if you’re 9?

No, I think the age limit is 18.


This was today’s breakfast conversation. I didn’t precipitate it. Honest. As a rule, I don’t sit at the breakfast table and harp on about cycling. This was a line of questioning that had clearly been rattling around Evelyn’s 7 year old mind for a little while. I like it though, the lass has ambitions. The first is to get her cross bike equipped with some drop handles – against her Dad’s advice* – the second is to follow her Dad in the three peaks.  For me the two amusing things about this…

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