fitting tubeless (singletrack guide)

So to start with I thought I’d go through how to fit a tubeless system; I’ve not spent a lot of time setting these up so bear with me on this one.

A lovely set of Pacenti wheels and tyres caught Chipps’ eye for the Nukeproof Mega TR he’s currently testing . Challenge accepted, I have fitted tubeless systems before but that doesn’t mean I enjoyed doing them, however watching a tear drip from Chipps’ eye was not an option.

Tools for the job ahead

Things you will need to carry out the task in hand:

Electrical Tape
Tubeless Rim Tape
Tubeless Valve
Tyre Sealant
Sharp Pick

Step One

It's all in the thumbs

Use your electrical tape to make a layer of rim tape, making sure all the nipple holes are covered. After the whole rim is covered by one layer of tape, run your thumb along the rim applying a light amount of pressure to push the tape properly onto the rim. Find where the valve hole should be and using your sharp pick push a hole in the tape through the hole in the rim.

It's only a small prick

Step Two

It's tubeless tape Jim, but not as we know it

Now you can apply your tubeless rim tape, following the same process as the electrical tape, make one consistent layer all around the rim making sure it is central in the rim well and covering the electrical tape.

Whilst applying the tape you will need to do an inch of tape at a time and apply constant pressure when pushing the tape down. If you don’t do this the tape can get little air pockets underneath and not sit straight in the rim.

And another one

After applying a full layer of tape once again, using your sharp pick punch a hole through the tape and the valve hole. If the hole needs to be bigger you can get a larger pick and make the hole in the tape bigger or if you’re extra careful use a small file to take away any unneeded tape.

Step Three

Valve is go

Your taped up rim is now ready for the valve. Unscrew the cap and the compression ring, insert the valve into the rim through the tape ( if the valve can sit flush on the tape without any pressure the hole is too big), using the compression ring tighten the valve down into the rim until it is sat nicely on the tape.

Step Four

Tyre on

You can now fit your tyre. Place one side of the bead onto the rim, place the recommended amount of tyre sealant into the bottom of your tyre, then fit the other side of the tyre onto the rim.

Magic milk

You are now ready to pump up your tyre, this step requires either the use of an air compressor from your local garage or bike shop, or what I used which was a 18g CO2 canister. Place the canisters adapter onto the valve making sure it is secure. Now without holding onto the valve or the canister (the canister gets extremely cold) release a burst of gas into the tyre, which should inflate quick enough to form a seal.

Once the tyre is seated and up to your chosen pressure jiggle the wheel around in your hands whilst also rotating it, this will allow the sealant to cover the whole inside of the tyre.

Pump and go

You are now ready to go out and ride, its as simple as peas.

Thank you very much for tuning in to the first job of Dan’s Tech Centre. I hope this is useful and it helps you when fitting your tubeless system.

If there are any jobs you want help with or any suggestions for the next tech tutorial please comment below and I shall try help you out the best I can.


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